From Lads to Dads – all eBook formats


This collection of birth stories takes you on the childbirth rollercoaster from the dad’s perspective. Men need to hear stories from their bros as they prepare to welcome their own baby. There is much to learn from the dad’s perspective. This collection shows that no matter how famous or talented you are, childbirth is a great equaliser.

Twelve unique stories of adventure, surprise and a little bit of heartbreak as men cop a baptism of fire as they walk through the gates of fatherhood, never to be the same again…

High profile dads share their stories: broadcaster Adam Spencer, neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo, vision-impaired adventurer Gerard Gosens, Olympian James Tomkins, world champion surfer Mark Occhilupo and ex opera singer and professional rugby player Jud Arthur spill the beans on what childbirth was like for them. And some not so high profile men share their experiences of birth: a cattle farmer, a lawyer, doctor…

Fatherhood is a call to every man to step-up to one of the most enriching challenges of all. These birth stories are a first step on the journey of a lifetime.
Jeremy Fernandez, ABC TV