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"Don't step foot in the labour ward without reading this book."
Danny Green recommends Cheers to Childbirth
Danny Green
World Champion boxer, father of two


"Fantastic! Absolutely brilliant. This is a must-read for any expectant father." Jessie
"What would we have done without this book? I'd have been totally clueless about what I needed to do. Thank you for writing it, Lucy." Brett

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About Cheers to Childbirth

This best-selling childbirth book for men is recommended by midwives, obstetricians and thousands of dads who have been through the gates of fatherhood with Cheers to Childbirth as their guide. It covers pain management, caesareans, home birth, hospital birth, breastfeeding – the lot.

Discover how to make childbirth easier and faster for your partner. Learn what to say and what not to say to a woman in labour. Where to touch and how not to touch. When to duck for cover and when to come out fighting.

This childbirth book is the must-have handbook for expectant dads, who have a big job on their hands.

Cheers to Childbirth tells it to you straight, without the fluff, all wrapped in down-to-earth birth stories from the trenches of birthing units and home birth pools all over the country.

Childbirth can be a daunting prospect for men who are usually overlooked when it comes to birth preparation. Yet, when it comes to the big day, they are expected to know exactly how to support their partner through what can be the most physically challenging and emotionally charged event in their whole lives. Now with new regulations in place in all Australian and NZ hospitals, a woman can only choose one support partner to be with her during labour. If that’s you, you’d better buckle up and read this book. Stat.

Cheers to Childbirth tells you exactly what you need to know to make childbirth faster and easier for your partner. It’s also a very entertaining read - everyone should snort-laugh in preparation for the birth of their baby. Edwina Sharrock, midwife, founder of Birth Beat

"This book was such a life-saver for me. Now, when my mates are expecting, I order them a copy." Cameron
"I just want to thank you for writing this book. We couldn't go to childbirth classes because my husband is a FIFO worker. Your book helped us as a couple navigate some tricky conversations with family. And most of all it prepped my husband to be the legendary childbirth support partner he turned out to be." Jade

This how-to guide also includes the personal birth stories of some of Australia's favourite dads including

Cheers to Childbirth by Lucy Bloom, softcover book
"I'd never read an entire book in my whole life, but I read this book and f*** I'm glad I did." Vincent
This is the only childbirth book that guys need to read.
Occy recommends Cheers to Childbirth
Mark Occhilupo
World champion surfer, father of two
This a must read for dads to be. I found this book incredible... I had no idea where to start, then the universe pointed me in the direction of this book. I have started to gift it to friends and family to help them be a great support to their partner too.
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What's covered in this book?

Cheers to Childbirth is not a text book kind of childbirth book – it is conversational in style yet gets right to the point and is peppered with real life stories.

Discover how to help your partner have a faster, easier birth. Learn what to say and what not to say during childbirth; understand how to adjust your support for each stage of labour; find out what to expect from a Caesarean birth, even if you’re not planning one because one might be planning you.

This childbirth book was written especially for dads-to-be (and other support people) to tell them exactly what they need to know to be involved in the birth of their baby in the best way possible. This how-to handbook also includes birth stories from those who’ve been there before and learned the hard way. And sometimes the funny way. Always the hands-on way.

Praise for the first edition

This much-loved how-to guide was first published in 2010 and has been helping men prepare for birth ever since. 
The second edition, published in 2020 is bigger, better, fully updated and even more diverse. 

Cheers to Childbirth tells men what to expected from birth, the early months of fatherhood and the new status quo in their relationship.
CHARLIE TEO recommends Cheers to Childbirth
Dr Charlie Teo
Neurosurgeon and father of four


Lucy is the creator of Beer + Bubs, childbirth education for men run in pubs all over Australia. She’s a certified doula too. Lucy is the founder and former MD of a creative agency and the former founding director and CEO of an international aid organisation which funded obstetric hospitals and a midwifery school in Ethiopia. Lucy is an award-winning keynote speaker, writer, management consultant and mother of three. She is also the author of Get the Girls Out: a memoir of love, loss and letting loose.

Cheers to Childbirth includes the expert opinion of midwife Edwina Sharrock, obstetrician Dr John Keogh and a number of top birth professionals including Professor of Midwifery Hannah Dahlen, Master of Nursing Denise Love and a foreword by retired obstetrician and fertility specialist Dr Ric Porter.


Publication date first edition September 2010
Second edition April 2020

Soft cover, paper back
198mm x 129mm • 228 pages

ISBN 9780648700302

Published by Lucy Flamingo Bloom  • ABN 44 711 071 088

Copyright Lucy Bloom, all rights reserved • PO Box 734 Coogee NSW 2034