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Cheers to Childbirth by Lucy Bloom


Why do I need a book
for my partner?

Because when men are
prepared, women
have better births.

And you will
love this
book too.




Why do I need a book
for my partner?

Because when men are
prepared, women
have better births.

And you will
love this
book too.

Cheers to Childbirth 
covers everything your partner needs to know to help you through 
the tough stuff.

This book shows men 
how to make childbirth easier and faster 
for their partner. 

It tells the dads what to say and what not to say to a woman in labour, where to touch and how not to touch, when to duck for cover and when to come out fighting.

Danny Green

“Don’t step foot in the labour ward without reading this book.”

Danny Green
World champion boxer 

Five star book review

“This book is absolutely brilliant. Clear, practical advice… with some great laughs and realness thrown in.

Thomas Kershaw, NSW

Recommended by midwives, obstetricians  and thousands of men all over Australia

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Lucy Bloom, author of Cheers to Childbirth to Childbirth

The Author: Lucy Bloom

  • Creator of the world’s first childbirth education program for men at the pub.
  • Author of Cheers to Childbirth: a dad’s guide to childbirth support and Lads to Dads: birth stories by men.
  • Certified doula and mother of three.

Why write a book for blokes?

When I was attending births as a
doula or childbirth support person, I noticed something was missing. I could
see that fathers wanted to be involved in the birth of their baby, but they
didn’t know how to do that. Even worse, they did all the wrong things which
made the birth slower and more painful for their partner.

Men were being left out of the
conversation when it came to preparing for the birth. We expect fathers to
attend the births of their babies, but we hadn’t stopped to show them how to do
that! Or what to expect. Or how to fend for their family. Or what NOT to say.

So I wrote this book and collected
the accompanying birth stories so that men would be prepared for the most
amazing day in their lives and so that they could be instrumental in helping
their partner have a quicker, easier birth.

Well prepared fathers = happier mums
and babies.

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